Italian Leather Designs by | Indian Leather Corp

La Marca is a D2C brand under WALK WISE COLLECTIVES PVT. LTD. , headed by founder & CEO Arun Narayanan who has inherited the knowledge & nuances of leather sourcing and manufacturing passed on by three generations. Their business is under the INDIA LEATHER COPORATION a known name in the leather industry & have been processing and exporting leather from the British era in India. The founder’s ideology was inspired by Italian shoe making techniques & craftsmanship to create and deliver handcrafted footwear and accessories. The founder believed that the ideology will resonate only if the products are at a pragmatic price and top quality, which paved way to create La Marca which simply translates to “the brand” in Italian.

La Marca’s products are born on paper as sketches and transformed to define you, using the finest material and traditional Italian techniques to provide the best comfort and fit. It is important for the brand to form a close bond with our customers and we do it by providing products that personifies your stature and personality.