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We Guarantee Light Maintenance

Taking care of our handmade footwear is a breeze. High-quality footwear doesn't require excessive attention when people personally take care of things, and we sure have. Our Products stay light on your pocket as well.

Made in India

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Designed in Italy

Transformed to define you!

La Marca is the product of four generations of leather manufacturing and Italian techniques.

Luxury synonymous with comfort - that’s what we thrive for at LaMarca. A new age of exotic collection made skillfully by hand to appease any individual's fashion sense with a balance of Class and Sass.

It’s not everyday you get to see a work of art that’s beautiful in it’s simplicity that puts you in a state of serenity. Being positively perplexed is something we give and share through the comfort and fashion choice we offer with our handcrafted LaMarca Collections.

You may have the Universe if i may have Italy 

- Giuseppe Verde

A variety of tasteful art engraved onto our works by the best in the industry, with a touch of their unique signature in every pair - which one can feel escalate with every step and every passing day. 

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